September 29, 2018 By YELLQASH

【Autumn giant gift】 Virtual currency to support entertainment / talent YELLQASH collaboration · festival!

777,777 domestic virtual currency “YELLQASH” supporting entertainment / talent + α present! ! Planning in progress! !
It is one of the interesting things that it is interesting to directly intertwine because Mr. Nobuuki Yukimura and Mr. MIMIKA operate as the center and mainly chat with Discord.

10,000 YELL gifts for 10 people by lottery at Follow & RT of Twitter!

· Check the campaign’s tweet and submit your entry with follow & retweet!
· December 31 (Wednesday) deadline
· Winner will receive 10,000 YELL!
· To receive YELLQASH you need HB Wallet

Official Ambassador in the operation of the virtual currency YELLQASH Mr. Mukuyuki Yukimura and MIMIKA give a nice present to fans! Furthermore, Mr. Miku Yukimura appears in the “Sony Trurogria October issue”! Do not miss it too!

· Check the campaign tweet and follow and retweet
· Completed entry of prizes for campaign tweets with comments!
※ For receiving prizes, personal information such as address, name etc. is required.

★ Yukinura Akira: One sign ball
★ MIMIKA: One dish of Royal Dalton
★ YELLQASH operation: Aroma diffuser 1 person

Regardless of posting date and time, as of October 31, (Wednesday, 2018), one writer who wrote the article of the top ranking of popular article rankings gave 77,777 YELL unexpected! Trying to get big search inflows with trendy keywords or buzzing with SNS is the secret of access-up. Since it is the total ranking of 7 days of access, everyone has a chance!
Participation by famous bloggers and influencers is also welcome! Please take a challenge to popularity article ranking first place by all means.
· As of October 31 (Wednesday), 77,777YELL will be given to one writer of the article which took first place in popular article ranking!
※ If this article is ranked first, it will be excluded and will be considered to be the 1st place, moving up 2nd.

All people who posted articles during the period from October 1st to October 31strong 600,000 YELL! Distribute YELLQASH evenly to all writers posting / publishing articles.
There is a judgment on article contribution ※.
There is a time lag from posting to publication, so the submission posting may not be published.
* Articles that are not published will be excluded regardless of posting date and time.
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· For those who enter first place in popular article rankings, they are eligible.